When you don’t do proper testing of a software

Not doing proper testing of your software is possible, but it might cause money and people, Many disasters can happen because of the lack of software testing, The bugs that cause this disaster might not be major bugs, but just simple and small errors.

“No amount of testing can prove a software right, a single test can prove a software wrong.”Amir Ghahrai

These disasters can happen in different domains over history, In 1982  Atomic Energy of Canada Limited produced  Therac-25  a computer-controlled radiation therapy machine, and between 1985 and 1987 it was involved in at least six accidents, in which patients were given massive overdoses of radiation  Because of concurrent programming errors (also known as race conditions), the doses were hundreds of times greater than normal, resulting in death or serious injury.

This case has become a standard case study in health informatics, software engineering, and computer ethics, the overconfidence of the engineers  and lack of proper due diligence to resolve reported software bugs are highlighted as an extreme case where the engineers’ overconfidence in their initial work and failure to believe the end users’ claims caused drastic repercussions.



On on October 26th 1992 The London Ambulance Service (LAS) Computer Aided Despatch (CAD) system has  failed dramatically shortly after it was introduced

  • The system could not cope with the load placed on it by normal use.
  • The response to emergency calls was several hours.
  • Ambulance communications failed and ambulances were lost from the system.
  • A series of errors were made in the procurement, design, and implementation.

Recently in 2015, The Airbus A400M crashed near Seville, on 9 May, after a failed emergency landing during its first flight,It got scared when it reported a software bug in its A400M aircraft. The company immediately took action to fix the issue, which was a fatal crash that happened in Spain.

Before this action, a test flight in Seville already announced the injury of two people, and four air force crew members died in this incident.


In 2020 because of Covid 19 and lockdown, many companies started using Zoom for meeting and online education,

The Zoom app was recently pointed out by the Indian government and various other international governments. The discussion was mainly on security issues. Even the Ministry of Home Affairs gave a Red Flag to the Zoom and revealed that its video conferencing facility is not secure. After a few days, some allegations were posed by India’s Computer Emergency Response team and had raised the concern over cyberattacks. “Insecure use of the platform can allow cybercriminals to access sensitive information such as conversations and meeting details,” the government had said.


Easily we can avoid such situations by giving more attention to the testing stage of the software development life cycle, so planning well for this phase and giving more attention to different types of software like function, performance, usability is great, as functional testing will make you sure that your software functions are working well, performance testing will test your application under certain situations and usability will measure how easy your application for customer’s use, in general, all of them will make your application healthier and definitely will increase your profit and your customer retention.