How Software Testing is More of an Art than Science

Does Software Testing is a science? Many will answer “YES” Software Testing is a science since it’s part of the engineering team, you have to follow certain procedures, and instructions and create a traceability matrix, Let’s assume that you are true and it’s a science so you have followed certain procedures, instructions designed and executed certain test scenarios, but Does doing this will lead you to the defect? maybe YES and maybe NO.


While it is true that defect is a fact and hence science but discovering the defect is an art, If you are a Junior software tester you might think no it’s science and I have to follow a certain Process, it’s good to think in this way so it makes you mentally organized, but software testing doesn’t only about following certain process and certain instructions, Software testing requires critical thinking and analytical brain for coming up with the test scenarios at the same time its an art about how to select the scenarios to identify defects earlier, In many projects, you won’t have the luxury of time and budget so identifying defects earlier saves a lot for the business.


If there is a case where the tester ran a significant number of test cases and created a great traceability matrix, but he didn’t have the art of defining the potential areas of defects or what’s the most important areas to focus on so he fastens the software developments process, he might spend time on less important areas or areas have less potential to have defects and this wastes time and money for organizations.


Another important part to think about is acquiring skills to understand where typically developers make mistakes, after having good experience in testing different projects, you will acquire this skillful art, as in real-world time is an important factor in software projects, if you have to test a project and the project has many parts to cover and time is limited, this is the time to use this skill to focus at the right area for the testing and avoid spending too much time and money on the application area where there is no critical defect.

The problem is not that testing is the bottleneck, The problem is that you don’t know what’s in the bottle. That’s a problem that testing addresses Michael Bolton

So Don’t judge testing by metrics or number of test scripts, experienced and skillful testing artists can focus on the right area for testing and save significant time and money for the organization