About Us

We are the problem solvers in the field of software and system test automation

Our Story

We are a team of passionate professionals in the field of Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation. A unique blend of experienced executive team with 80+ years of collective experience in the field of software testing & test automation with disruptive thinking millennial development team. Our featured product AutomationHQ is build based on market need & feedback that we got over the years of consulting in test automation domain.Our research & development team is constantly analyzing feedback from our clients around the world & across the industries to provide new features with shortest idea to market time. Our sharp focus on one area of test automation only gives us agility and advantage to be the best in the world.


AutomationHQ is our main software product. We developed this product as most of the test automation tools are developed by developers with little understanding of the reality of the testing world. We invest significantly in making sure that AHQ is focused on the enhancing experience of broader testing community and provide significant value to their day to day work.

Faster, Cheaper, Quality

Traditionally we were asked to drop one thing out of faster-cheaper-quality. We took this as our mantra to break the tradition and provide a product & services that are faster and cheaper but with quality.

Long-term relationships

We believe in long term relationship with our clients hence we chose to focus only on our core strength of Test Automation so that we can provide the world class support to our client that develops a long term relationship.

Professional Team

Our executive team has average 15 years of consulting experience in software testing field. Professionalism is in our DNA, our mantra is to provide the service with utmost professionalism.