AHQ is a world's easiest No Code ready to use software Test Automation platform for startups to enterprises.


Creating test automation scripts is never this slick! Define your test structure, create a new test script, drag & drop test steps from pre-define list and voila, your automation test script is ready! AutomationHQ is way beyond this basic test automation script creation, checkout our list of features that will be expanding rapidly.

Easy to Learn & Easy to Use

AutomationHQ test automation framework is not only easy to use but one can simply learn it by watching a 1hr video. Developing test scripts are as easy as writing manual test script in simple English allowing you to replicate test cases.

Scriptless - No Coding Required

No need to create a complicated test automation framework or learn computer programming. Our developers took all complexities & coding on our side so that AHQ user can simply focus on achieving end goal of speed and quality.

Cloud Based - Zero Setup Time

No setup required! AHQ is a cloud based application and all setups are on server, a tester can begin test automation by just signing up and logging in. You will get your first automation script ready in less than 1 hour.

10X Faster Test Automation

Test Automation Script development is drastically reduced by AHQ with pre-build test steps. Test run time is reduced by intelligent multi-threading backend automation framework implemented for faster test execution.

Supports all SDLC

Though AHQ is built for the Agile development, it also supports waterfall or iterative development methods. AHQ provides capability of in-sprint test automation or you can convert manual regression suite to test automation suite later.

Test Management Tool

AHQ provides test management framework along with test data management & comprehensive reports for all levels in organisation. No need to keep separate test management tools like ALM, qTest or test data files.


AHQ allows multi users and collaboration between testers & developers for developing automated test scripts. PM/BA/QA/DEV/Support, Every team member can work independently on developing test script in same project.

Ready to Use Test Steps

The in-built rich library of 1000+ pre-build test steps provides broad coverage of functions for developing test automation scripts in minute. Users just need to drag and drop and create their own test script.

Supports Data Driven Testing

Most test automation requires running same scripts with multiple test data, AHQ supports data driven testing with in-build test data management framework as well as easy import export of test data from Excel/XML/JSON.

Supports Parallel Development

AHQ is built for the agile development team to ensure speed, efficiency and quality in software delivery. Its the best tool for in-sprint automation where testers can develop test automation script in parallel to development coding.

Supports All Operating Systems

No need to develop & manage separate test scripts for individual operating systems. AHQ supports all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android out of the box.

Build Once Run Multiple

Test automation ROI can be realised when test scripts can be executed on various platforms without any change. AHQ has this capability so you can develop your test script once and can execute on various platforms without any change.


One of the efficiency parameter for any tool is re-usability. AHQ allows grouping of repeatable test steps and creation of customised test step which can be reused as pre-condition or post-condition to build up or tear down test script.

AI based Smart Maintenance

Our patent pending proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm intelligently identify web elements and track changes. This smart self learning algorithm reduce false failure rate and improve accuracy of the test automation results.

Reduce Test Documentation

Traditional test automation approach requires functional tester to document test cases and automation team to develop test automation. AHQ element this two step process which drastically reduce redundant documentation.

Agile Development

In waterfall test automation approach, it takes long time to develop test scripts as lots of coding involved which typically lags behind in Agile sprint. AHQ provides ability to develop in-sprint test automation to support Agile development.

Shortest Start Time

You can create your first test automation script in 1 hr. No need to wait for 6 months to create test automation framework or do complex coding / configurations. Our already build framework reduce your start time drastically.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Traditional test automation framework is not user friendly and always require specialised resources. Automation maintenance grows and scripts start failing for many reasons. AHQ is code-less, intuitive and user friendly to make any change.

Reduce Testing Resources

AHQ has pre-build test steps to create test automation scripts in plain English hence there is no need to keep separate automation department and maintain related cost. This reduces cost for specialised testing resources.

Reports & Dashboards

AHQ is a complete ecosystem and does not require to collect or consolidate reports from multiple desperate testing tools. AHQ dashboards provides comprehensive view of test automation progress for all products, programs & projects.

Cost Savings

Multiple level of cost savings can be achieved by adopting AHQ. With savings in area such as time saving on pre-build test steps to eliminating specialised resources, AHQ can provide up to 60% of cost saving in QA department.